A Nigerian Twitter influencer, Kevin Odanz has opined that a lot of people who claim fraud is evil, actually dream of having the kind of money fraudsters have.
In reference to Nigerian socialite Hushpuppi Odanz gave his thesis in reaction to the widely circulated news of the big boy’s arrest which reportedly took place in the city of Dubai.
In reports making the rounds, Hushpuppi was arrested in connection to fraud on the unemployment insurance program of states in America.

Odanz tweeted,

“Today is just one of those days that Nigerians will frown at fraud, ramble about how fraud is evil.
“But deep down they’ve always wished to have Hushpuppi’s money, they admire Diezani, Mompha and other fraudsters.
“But let’s act all saintly today and condemn fraud and corruption.
“When this particular trend dies down, we’d return to hailing people with questionable sources of wealth, ask them to “bless your boys na, do giveaway na Boss.”
“And anyone who dares talk about their source of wealth, we shut it down with the usual “stop being a hater” bleatings”.


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