IPOB: Pathy Ijeoma replies Lauretta Onochie, says “Biafra will come and you cannot do anything about it”.
Mrs Pathy Ijeoma, an Igbo UK based activist has replied Mrs Lauretta Onochie over her recent media attack on IPOB, where she slammed Nnamdi Kanu and accused IPOB of eating Mama thank you at 40.
However, Mrs Pathy who couldn’t tolerate the much insults unleashed on IPOB by Lauretta Onochie took to the comment section and blasted Onochie for insulting IPOB and Ndi Igbo in general.
According to her, “Lauretta Onochie, please do not forget that both of us were living here before you join APC government in which you never new would happen in your life.
“Obasanjo ruled the zoo and left, your master Buhari ruled before and left one day will be yours so continued to be your unbreakable.
“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for his people what about you? fighting for who. I will never call you names in anyway or shape but please be careful the way you are sabotaging, calling Biafrans names and insults.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a freedom fighter and you know it. You made mention of our youths that he keep deceiving according to you, so you remember them now you were there when your boss sent Nigerian soldiers to kill them all, shame to you.
Yes 40 years still eating mama thank you why? because APC did not provide jobs or enabling environment for them to move on in life. You are a confused and wicked lady, and u forget quickly when we used to go to job centres to search for job in UK, and that was enablement provided by the government of that country. Do the same for your country too.
“You and your group cannot jail Mazi again because one with the Most high is assured, may be Kuje is for you people. Do not boast about tomorrow, rather tomorrow will decide for itself. Ipob is not a terrorists organisation rather your Fulani blood suckers and Miyetti Allah killing people here and there even in your own village.
So keep talking, power comes and goes, one day you will be crushed and done with. Keep on oppressing Biafrans oneday you will cry had I known. Our freedom is coming tomorrow and you will do nothing about it. Biafra freedom is emerging fast no shaking, may be you will commit suicide.
Remember your children why because government comes and goes, I pity you, see Tinubu, Oshiomhole, Orji Uzo they have come and gone. Don’t worry your time is fast approaching to an end no skin pain”, she said.


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