Understanding the human would like for Novel Experiences
As personalities, we have a tendency to all feel typically drawn to something new: various things, foreign surroundings, sharp changes, or sudden outcomes. From earliest childhood on, curiosity and interest stimulate us ceaselessly to explore the exciting new and strange. 

whether or not we have a tendency to find it irresistible or not, novelty seeking may be a temperament attribute that sits in everybody folks. 
Novelty sparks our infinite interest in learning new things, deed new talents, and creating new experiences.
»A mind that’s stretched by a brand new expertise will ne’er return to its recent dimensions.« — jazzman Wendell Holmes Jnr.

A Novel expertise, the perception and response that result from experiencing one thing new and totally different, keeps us engaged and excited, raises the emergence of recent views, and thereby encourages us to be told, adapt, and grow. in this sense, Novel Experiences produce and outline our prospective personal development and square measure frequently increasing our horizon. 

They challenge our acquainted views, preferences, biases, and values, in a very manner that they will modification our whole conception of the planet. Hence, the confrontation with one thing new and totally different stimulates new ways of thinking, raises potentialities, and creates persistent reminiscences. It transforms us into richer people.

Without Novel Experiences we have a tendency to stagnate in our personal development — our worldview becomes static and immune to modification — we have a tendency to stay in a very mounted state — and that we hardly develop any new ideas or interests. As a result, we have a tendency to get bored and sad. Thus, so as to thrive and use our full potential, we have a tendency to humans would like novelty in our lives.

How novelty pushes the boundaries of our worldview and enhances our brains
When Aayush faith and his space mates started AirBnB-ing their flat in metropolis, for example, their initial guest was Arthur from France. »Living with somebody from a unique land for the primary time«, Aayush mirrored on his Novel expertise, »I learned a lot of new views regarding life. we have a tendency to create reminiscences that we have a tendency to for sure can’t forget for the time period.«
AirBnB is powerfully enhancing their user expertise with novelty. 

They encourage folks to require advantage of recent potentialities in their lives with product and services that square measure fantastically centred around exploration and discovery of the new and totally different. Besides staying overnight at locals’ homes, they stimulate folks to travel out and skill one thing new and unfamiliar; like exploring overseas, attempting foreign food, or connecting with alternative cultures who have totally different values and norms.

 Novelty aims to push AirBnB users out of their temperature by exalting them to be told one thing new and totally different. As a result, users gain exciting new views.

The real charm and sweetness of Novel Experiences lie their power to rework and develop personalities.
As we have a tendency to learn additional, our attitudes and beliefs will modification: In response to stimulating Novel Experiences — like living with somebody from a unique country for the primary time — our paradigms will change basically. In reaction to exposing ourselves to totally different views and difficult ideas, novelty will produce new worlds in our heads. Whenever we have a tendency to learn one thing new and totally different, the neurons in our brains will type new or stronger connections. which means over time we have a tendency to develop ourselves, increase our ability to understand others, and enhance our brains.

How novelty keeps us engaged and excited over time
Everyday we have a tendency to square measure confronted with new things that spark our interest and solicit our attention. However, it’s additional probably that we have a tendency to bear in mind the terribly initial time we’ve got a tough one thing new. initial time Novel Experiences square measure terribly powerful as they’re powerfully connected to emotions and so produce lasting reminiscences. even so, the sequence of obtaining excited by one thing new decreases over time. once the fun wears off, the human response naturally decreases, too.

 This explains why our terribly initial encounter with one thing new produces the very best excitation: we have a tendency to tend to recollect {the initial|the primary} time we have a tendency to drive an automobile or our first live concert instead of their a centesimal time, severally.

»Novelty sparks our interest, makes us concentrate, and — sort of a baby encountering a friendly dog for the primary time — we have a tendency to appear to like it. however not most for the second and any resultant times, unless it’s forever a brand new reasonably dog.« — Nir Eyal
When novelty becomes acquainted and boring, we have a tendency to become aroused once more to hunt out for one thing new that rewards us with new thrill and excitement. »Passionate swimmer and skiers claim that the wave or the slope isn’t precisely the same. there’s forever that sense of age and exploration«. 

Nothing holds our attention higher than the unknown. the items that enamor and have interaction North American nation all keep a component of surprise in themselves. The infinite role of recent waves stimulates surfers to remain intended and engaged over time and thereby helps them to master the domain.

When and why folks adopt novelty
The profound remix of views allows us to be told, grow, and change. in this sense, filter bubbles and personalisation square measure operating contra-productive in terms of private growth.

 it’s onerous to alter and in person grow once we have confidence our recent behaviours and persist with our current values. this is often why we’ve got to interrupt our biases to unlock new opportunities. we’ve got to actively invite Novel Experiences into our lives that interrupt the generalisations we have a tendency to create regarding the planet. By specializing in leveling novelty adoption forces, the probabilities that we have a tendency to take a risk on one thing new and totally different increase.

Emotional forces and the way they drive or restrain novelty adoption.
Not each human responds a similar thanks to novel stimuli. Driving and restraining forces decide over our disposition to have interaction with novelty. If we will overcome restraining obstacles, like worry aversion, loss aversion, established order bias, risk turning away, or confirmation bias, our natural interest and curiosity can kick in and do the remainder.

»What would you do if you weren’t afraid?« — Sheryl Sandberg
We have to encourage folks to address new challenges and difficulties. The additional open we have a tendency to square measure for Novel Experiences, the higher the probabilities to develop and alter. As a come, we are going to be rewarded with smart feelings, new understandings, or new skills.
Five key principles the way to turn out Novel Experiences

Enforce luck and coincidence. (Serendipity)
Attention suggests that thought. this is often why we’ve got to confirm that folks square measure able to discover a various set of recent and various things that may enhance their personal worldview. By imposing luck and coincidence, possibilities for folks to seek out one thing that triggers their attention to stimuli outside of their personal comfort zones increase and let new potentialities emerge.
Create curiosity, interest and surprise. (Stimulation)

When attention is formed, we’ve got to encourage folks to have interaction with novelty. once we offer for brand new stimuli, we will facilitate folks develop the mind-set and skills necessary to constructively confront themselves with one thing new and totally different. investment in their curiosity are rewarded by Novel Experiences that promise personal growth and alter.

Balance temperament traits. (Open-Mindedness)
Fostering peoples’ open-mindedness is vital to their disposition to adapt novelties. we’d like to specialise in positive driving forces towards novelty whereas reducing same obstacles to extend the prospect that somebody can take a risk on one thing new and totally different.

Add novel and difficult views. (Novelty)
Add one thing new and totally different. facilitate folks to visualize things from a brand new angle and remodel the multiplicity of views into a completely unique, unitary perspective that raises new queries that, in turn, end in new potentialities. Novelty will make the most of potentialities in peoples’ lives and may produce new opportunities.
Enable new skills, abilities, or understanding. (Learning)
Make Novel Experiences deliver on their promise of private growth. 

Novelty may be a good way to guide everybody towards learning, that influences peoples’ talents to realize new understanding, modification opinions, and adopt new skills. once folks square measure challenged to contemplate multiple sides, they gain a richer understanding of the planet. in this sense, each challenge may be a likelihood to grow and alter. Thus, we have a tendency to forever learn from participating with novelty.

Thriving and self-fulfilment may be a natural human life goal. we have a tendency to cannot develop ourselves and create progress in life while not frequently experiencing one thing new and totally different.


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