According to a piece written and published by a Facebook User who is identified as Somto Okonkwo has revealed that the Igbos do not rely on oil for survival.

He Wrote:
“Go and Check The Infrastructures In The South-East And Compare Them To The Ones In The South-South Region, And You Will Understand That It’s Not About Having Oil But Your Ability To Be Resourceful With What You Have At Your Disposal.
“In The Future, Oil Will Be Futile Because Technology Is Taking Over And You Can See How Top Countries Around The World Are Already Preparing For A World Without Oil
“No Igbo Man Even Thinks Of Oil, Trust Me, That’s Why They’re The Most Resourceful, Progressive, Entrepreneur, Hardworking, Imaginative Ethnic Group In Nigeria. I Don’t Mean To Brag, But Just Stating The Facts…
“Our Beloved Brothers From The Coastal Region Who Tag Themselves As Niger Delta Claims That The Igbos Want Biafra Because Of Their Oil. Yet The Fulani’s Who Continues To Pipe Their Oil To The North, Killed Their Leaders, Destroyed Their Lands And Left Them In Extreme Poverty Are Not Their Enemies, The Igbos Are. How Sad!

“Indeed, The British And Some Mischievous Elements Within The Nigerian Govt Really Mastered Their Divide And Rule Tactics On Our People, And Brainwashed Them Into Hating Their Own Blood Brothers For No Just Reason.

“Enough Said, Biafrans As A People Need To Come Together As One People Against Our Common Enemies To Be Able To Free Ourselves From The Shackles Of Slavery And Bondage Of Nigeria. How Long Shall We Continue To Fight Amongst Ourselves, While Our True Enemies Continue To Profit From Our Lack Of Unity And Shortcomings As A People.
“If You Cannot Do This For Yourselves, Than Think About Your Children And Future Generations To Come, Do You Still Want Them To Continue Living Like Slaves In A Country Like Nigeria That Despise Them So Much?
“Is It Not Time To Put Our Differences Aside As A People, And Come Together To Achieve A Common Goal, Which Is Freedom?!
“We Have Been Oppressed For Far To Long As A People, And We Need To Put Our Foot Down And Say Enough Is Enough, No More Divide And Rule Tactics, No More South-East And South-South, We Are Biafrans, We’re One People, One Nation And Its Time To Be Free.


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