Popular crossdresser and self-acclaimed Princess of Nigeria, James Brown has shared handsome new photos of himself on Instagram.

The brand influencer, known for dressing like a woman, labelled himself a powerful “shapeshifter” as he rocked a white joggers and durag in the lovely photos with seemingly erect manhood.

He wrote,

Happy new month my DURLINGS @heydurling
It better you’re threatened by me because I’m a powerful shapeshifter who can blend anywhere in the world”

See more of the photos below,

James Brown recently shared his touching childhood story and how he discovered he was an “unwanted child”.

According to him, his aunt wanted his mum to abort him. They tried all they could to terminate him but he was kept because they got a message from a prophet that his mother would die if she attempts an abortion.

The self styled princess revealed his grandmother raised him, hence, he never experienced a mother’s love and was never breastfed by his mum. 


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