A Gospel Singer identified as Prince Pablo had shared his observation among christians, Ndigbo and those who want Biafra to be actualized but also go behind to pray for Nigeria in their various churches.
The Preacher who posted this on his Facebook page described those found in this act as ‘hypocrites’ in the highest form.
He therefore urged Ndigbo and Biafra supporters to remain focused on one direction.
Pablo wrote:
Outside the church,I see our Igbo or BIAFRA brethren being happy for actualization of BIAFRAN state, But in the church they still join and also pray for NIGERIA in distress.
That is the highest form of HYPOCRISY In the presence of God.
And that is a sin before God…it also matters
You can’t go to God with heart filled with IRONIES.
We should repent from it and learn to be sincere in our prayers.

You have been praying for NIGERIA in distress but you have refused to ask God his own position in the marriage called one NIGERIA.
That is a careless way of praying,why westing your energy??
It’s better you change your prayer point concerning NIGERIA and her marriage with other nationality and See if there will be a change…
Now is the appointed time,
Tomorrow maybe too late..
Repent from fake mind set in ur prayers.


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