The attacks on police stations, checkpoints and killings of officers by unknown gunmen increase in some parts of the country.

Some Nigerians have taken to social media to imitate the presidency who claimed that murderous herdsmen were foreign.

The report released in early March had claimed that no fewer than 62 Nigerian Police Force (NPF) personnel were killed and at least 16 police stations were razed since January 2021 by unknown gunmen.

In reaction to the report, some Nigerians took to social media to express their opinion, even as many praised the “unknown gunmen”.

“These unknown gunmen are not Nigerians, they’re from Libya, Gabon, in fact they are foreigners,” Maxwell Chuks wrote.

To Susan Idris, the killing of Police officers is a revenge by ghosts of Nigerians murdered by police officers. “I salute the ghosts known as unknown gunmen, police officers are paying for killing civilians. Allah bless this foreigners”

“Identity of #Unknown_Gunmen revealed. Rumour has it that they are NOT Nigerians but are angry youths from Congo and Gabon. They are foreigners,” Aiden Dillion wrote.

Ola Biodun, wrote, “These unknown gunmen are foreigners just like Presidency told us that those killers herdsmen are foreigners. So foreigners have taken over our country”.

“Brothers and sisters in police, resign before these foreigners reach your station and checkpoint,” Okechukwu Ibe wrote.


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