Nigerian politician, Tuoyo Memauduaghan aka Mama T has lashed out at men who are idolizing Obi Cubanaand E-money for the way they made money rain at the burial (Obi Cubana’s mother), without taking into cognizance the way they are treating their wives.

"You saw how they were spraying money but didn't you see how they are treating their wives" - Politician Mama T asks men idolizing Obi Cubana and E-money (Video)

In a recent video, she called on cheating men to learn from the billionaires who all came with their spouses to the event and urged them to look at their appearance.

She stressed the fact that some men, immediately they get a little contract will intentionally abandon their wives at home so that they can go for other women.

She, therefore, called on such men to borrow a leaf from Obi Cubana and E-money and not just basking in the euphoria of the money that was sprayed at the event.

Watch the video below:


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